IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers

JEE Main is one of the most awaited examinations by students who plan to do their Engineering/Architecture courses from reputed institutions like IIT, NIT and some of the Government colleges in India. All the students who have completed Class XII with Mathematics as one of the main subjects are eligible for this examination. JEE Main is the first round of examination. The students who score more than the minimum cutoff score in JEE Main can appear for JEE Advanced. 

The duration of the examination is 3 hours. There are around 90 objective type questions asked from Physics (30 questions), Chemistry (30 questions) and Mathematics (30 questions) in the JEE main question paper.  The 30 questions in each question paper include 10 easy questions,15 not-so-difficult questions and 5 difficult questions. In order to score well in the examination, the students must answer at least 20 questions correctly.

Students will have a lot of questions in mind, especially if they have started with the preparation recently.  Let us discuss a few tips and tricks to top in IIT JEE.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers

Schedule the Time of Study

Students can customize a schedule for exam preparation. This is not the kind of examination where you can study the night before the examination and expect to score well. As the syllabus is vast and the examination is of a high difficulty level, you must be systematic and smart about your approach. The students should stick to a study schedule and make a plan of study.

The plan of study can include preferred study timing, topics to be covered, classification of the topics based on the difficulty level, allotment of time for topics, and the date by which the revision may be started. Students need to make sure that they follow the schedule they have made for themselves and it need not be changed midway just because someone else may be following a different schedule. Such a change in schedule may result in losing precious time and that change may not work.

Concentrate and Get Rid of Distractions

One of the major distractions of people these days is social media. It is not necessary that you have to get rid of electronic gadgets and get off all the social media platforms. You just have to keep away from social media during the time scheduled for studies. You can check online videos on topics that are not clear to you. 

Take Mock Tests Before the Examination

JEE Main is an online examination and the questions should be answered within the allotted time. To improve the speed of answering, the students are advised to take up JEE Main mock tests before the actual examination. The mock tests help the students understand the topics on which they need improvement. Students will also get familiar with the exam pattern and question types through mock tests. 

Time Table for Preparation

The student has a lot to do in a day like regular school, coaching classes, homework from school and yet, alongside the student will have to go about with his/her exam preparation for IIT JEE. Here is an example of how a topper managed his time and prepared for JEE.  

  • Spend some time in the morning for the preparation of JEE. Wake up an hour before the regular time. For example, if you are waking up at 6 am for school, now you can wake up at 5 am and dedicate an hour in the morning to entrance exam studies.
  • After school, take a rest for some time and then start with your studies. You can spend around an hour on each subject and make sure you make short notes. These notes are very helpful during revision.
  • Allocate more hours to exam preparation during weekends and vacations.

Adequate Sleep and Rest

Students generally have the habit of staying up overnight and studying. Staying up late at night and having less sleep can have adverse effects on the health of the candidate, making them feel confused in the examination hall. So, it is extremely vital to get enough sleep before the examination. 

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