FAQ’s from “Chemistry in Everyday Life: Analgesics” in JEE

Chemistry plays a significant part in our life. We can find chemicals in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the medicines we consume, in fact, every activity that we do is somehow or the other related to chemistry. The pharmaceutical industry uses chemicals to synthesize analgesics, tranquillizers, etc. so that humans can lead a healthy life. JEE gives moderate importance to this topic, but the questions asked from this topic are very direct and less time-consuming.

Important Questions For Chemistry In Everyday Life

The frequently asked questions in JEE from this topic are as follows:

Question 1: Why do we use painkillers?


Answer: Analgesics work as painkillers and relieve us from any physical pain. They reduce the effect of pain without causing any mental confusion, bad co-ordination or paralysis or any other disorders in the nervous system.

Pain killer is one of the most important drugs being consumed today. Care should be taken while consuming these drugs if the doses exceed the prescribed level it will lead to side effects.

Question 2: What is the difference between analgesics and tranquillizers?

Answer: Analgesics and tranquillizers are those drugs which act on the nervous system. They actually affect the message transmission that happens from nerves to receptors.

Analgesics are chemicals which reduce physical pain. On the other hand, tranquillizers help in the treatment of stress, and mild or severe mental diseases. Tranquillizers enhance the mood of a person which helps in inducing a feeling of well being. Therefore, stress and tension are reduced. Psychiatrists prescribe a pain killer which contains tranquillizers in order to induce sleep.

Question 3: What are antifertility drugs?

Answer: Antifertility drugs are synthetic hormones. When progesterone pills are consumed, the mucus in the cervix gets thickened. This makes it very difficult for sperm to enter the uterus and fertilize the egg. Hence it reduces the chances of pregnancy. Progesterone is actually a hormone which suppresses the ovulation in women. The benefits of antifertility drugs are as follows:

  1. These drugs do not interfere in the sexual activities, they only reduce the chances of pregnancy.
  2.  They might also reduce menstrual bleeding.
  3.  They can be consumed immediately after childbirth.

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