JEE Main Students To Get 10 Marks Weightage in IIT Delhi Admission

JEE Students To Get Added Marks

Big news for those appearing in JEE Main exam 2020. Candidates will now get added 10 marks weightage in IIT Delhi admission. How can they avail of this benefit? Well, child scientists who perform well at a national level and get selected in the INSPIRE Awards of the Ministry of Science and Technology will be awarded 10 points in the JEE Main exam. This benefit will only be given to child scientists who enroll in Triple IIT Delhi.

Additionally, 6000 marks weightage will be given to 1000 students who get selected from the state level and have participated in the national level JEE Main entrance examination. 60 scientists from all over the country will benefit from this.

The Ministry hosts the Inspire Award for innovation in science every year. It selects students from 6th to 10th grade across the country who have some innovative ideas. This year, Hrithik Kumar, a student of Ram Lakhan Singh Yadav College, Bihar, Aurangabad is already in the list.

Another Engineering Colleges to be Added Soon

This year, IIT Delhi engineering college is only providing this facility. From next year onwards, some more engineering colleges will join IIT Delhi to reward such genius minds.

Every Year One Lakh Children Get the Chance to Take Part in Inspire Awards

The INSPIRE Award includes pupils and students from state and private schools. The Ministry of Science and Technology searches for innovative ideas in science every year. This year, one lakh child scientists were selected at the district level and given an amount of Rs. ten thousand each by the ministry. All selected child scientists will be given an opportunity to join at the state level and later at the national level competition. For 2020, ten children were selected for the national level.


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