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Byju’s App Review on JEE

Byju’s App Review on JEE

JEE, which stands for ‘Joint Entrance Exam’, is the basis of admission for any engineering aspirant who is looking forward to getting an engineering degree with the best of the best colleges in India, specifically, the IITs, NITs and Central Funded Technical Institutes. The exam is divided into 2 stages, the initial one being the JEE Mains and the second one the JEE Advanced. The JEE Mains is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Once you clear the JEE Mains, you will become eligible for the second stage of the exam. The JEE Advanced is conducted by a joint admission board of the IIT’s in the country.

With over 12 lakh candidates appearing for the exam every year, it is quite clear that getting through JEE is no piece of cake. Preparing for JEE has to be a smart, systematic and concerted effort with a few tricks up your sleeve if you hope to get into the best of the IIT’s. With that being said preparing for the exam has never been simpler. With the mass digitisation happening all over, the information and the preparation required for clearing the JEE have been made simple and so accessible that you can study for it from anywhere in the world with the tablet learning program offered by BYJU’S.

BYJU’S is the first Asian company to have gotten an investment from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). With over 8 million subscribers on their various platforms right now, Byju’s sees around a 905 annual renewal of the app thus stating the effectiveness of the app.

 Salient Features Of BYJU’S Solutions

Let us look at a few of the salient features of the tab which make it so impeccable.

  • The Complete Syllabus: The JEE syllabus is known to be vast, always leaving students in trouble to find some or the other topic through multiple textbooks and the internet. What Byju’s offers are all of the required information all in a single tablet course. Making it easier for every student as any information they may require is now available always at their fingertips.
  • A Better Learning Method:  We know how effective our conventional learning methods are and how long they are retained in our memory. But compare that to a movie we’ve seen? We would remember its plot for a much longer time span. This is because our brain has a higher retentivity to audio-visual content when compared to something we read on paper. This learning capability of the human brain is utilized by BYJU’S. They teach the required topics for JEE with the help of 3D animated videos which will have you hooked on the concept.
  • Shortcut Techniques: With time being a major constraint for JEE, it is mandatory we have shortcut techniques up our sleeves if we intend to outsmart the competition. This too is another strong point of BYJU’S as they offer some of the simplest ways to solve JEE problems.
  • Preset Study Model: With their team of experienced exam experts, Byju’s offers a preset study model which has been proven itself to be helpful to candidates before. All that is required from us is to be focused on the task at hand and execute the study model.
  • Practising Sample Papers: BYJU’S offer plenty of sample papers and mock tests which are assured to get you accustomed to the exam structure covering every topic from the JEE Syllabus. Attending these tests will help you gauge yourself and accordingly help you spend more time on topics which need more attention.
  • Constant Evaluation: With technology removing a lot of the shortcomings of pen and paper, the tablet learning program offers features like adaptive learning. What adaptive learning does is improve the candidate’s skills from the ground up. If a question is too hard, the difficulty level is dropped a bar. Once the candidate starts performing exceptionally on that difficulty, the level is increased and goes on so forth.
  • Mentor Support: Even with all the right information available, human involvement cannot be omitted. With their mentor support team, BYJUS’S offers an option to get your doubts cleared by experts and interact with a personal online teacher for any doubts you may have.

We have seen just a few of the many features of the JEE tablet program offered by BYJU’S. But it is obvious the program will be a major deliverance to anyone preparing for the JEE.


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