How to study for JEE Chemistry?

The last few months before the IIT-JEE truly test a student’s calibre and determine the true worthy candidates out of the lot. Now, to be a part of this elite group that gets a seat in the coveted IIT’s, it is not merely enough to study and solve the problems in Physics, Chemistry, and Math. It has become extremely necessary to retain everything you’ve studied.
The preparation is not merely a matter of months, for most of the serious ones it spans at least two years. Coming to the chemistry part of the preparation, the consensus amongst most of the candidates we’ve spoken to are, that organic chemistry is an extremely difficult topic to crack, so to say. Or in other words, when the question of how to study chemistry better, comes up, one invariably dwells on how exactly to master organic chemistry. This article is designed to help you tackle exactly these questions.

First and foremost you must be willing to accept the academic challenge of studying chemistry. With this must come, the acceptance that it will take time and effort to master organic chemistry let alone chemistry as a whole. Let’s look at some of the other tips below.

Study Tips For JEE Chemistry

  • First, evaluate the topics and course work. There are a few traditional topics that will have a place in your coursework, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical or theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry.
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of all topics.
  • Math is essential for most subjects, including chemistry. There’s no way to escape this, hence perfecting it is necessary.
  • Chemistry tends to progress from basics and keeps building on to get more complex. Ensuring a sound foundation is a must.
  • Then comes the tricky part, learn and memorize around 40 most commonly used elements from the table and the diatomic molecules from the periodic table.
  • Try and keep your interest alive by relating it to everyday life. Next time you go to the pharmaceutical store, actually look at the contents and try to place them.
  • Read each topic at least 4-5 times and make sure you’re extremely familiar with it. This will take time, hence prepare well in advance. You can always alternate between a comparatively easy chapter and a difficult one.
  • Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle since the preparations will, either way, take a toll on you; it becomes essential that you stay healthy.
  • Follow one book as the guide and stick to it even if you sometimes venture to other guide books occasionally. Make use of trusted books like Morrison Boyd and Solomons for organic chemistry.
  • Do review your errors and make sure not to repeat them.
  • Take practice tests to build your confidence but at the same time do not feel disheartened if the results are not as expected.
  • Most importantly, stay positive.

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