IIT JEE 2021 Preparation Strategy

IIT JEE is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in the country and it’s advised to start your preparations as early as possible due to stiff competition and fewer seats. Due to a shortage of time, students might find it difficult to focus on both board and competitive exams. But with the right preparation strategy, it is possible to ace both exams in flying colours.

Here are some of the most effective preparation strategies that you can follow to ace JEE 2021.

  • Planning

One thing that students and aspirants need to remember before starting JEE preparation is to have a proper plan. JEE preparations should start as early as from the 11th standard. This is mainly because the JEE syllabus is vast and students have to learn a lot of content.

Therefore, organize yourself and have a plan that will be suitable for you. Assign topics from all the subjects based on the number of hours that you can spend on the preparation. Assign one complicated and one easy topic in a day and finish the complicated topic first. Subjects like Mathematics and Physics require constant practice, do not forget to practice problems every day.

  • Understand the Paper Pattern

The first step to ace the JEE Main exam is to understand the paper pattern thoroughly and learn how the marks are divided amongst the subjects.

  1. Type of questions: MCQs or Objective questions.
  2. Marking scheme:4 Marks for every correct answer and 1 Mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
  3. Maximum marks: 300.
  4. Total number of questions: 75 (Each subject will have 25 questions).
  5. Physics, Chemistry, Maths: 25 (20+5).
  • Learn the syllabus

The next important step is to learn the syllabus. There are 3 papers in total, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Go through the syllabus of all three subjects and the marks weightage given to each chapter. Some chapters carry more marks compared to others. Focus on these chapters first and then prepare for the rest.

  • Try to Join a Good Online Coaching Centre Which Saves Time

The first and foremost advantage to consider while switching to online coaching is time-management. Competitive examinations like JEE  require students to manage their time effectively. This includes dividing the syllabus according to the available time and preparing a suitable timetable for studying. The benefit of online coaching is that videos are available online and students can easily access them from the comforts of their home. They need not visit the coaching centres and spend hours commuting and learning. 

At BYJU’S, we conduct live classes for the students. These are conducted by expert JEE faculty members. A scheduled timetable is issued to the students and they can have a classroom-like experience from home.

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  • Revision

Revision is the key component that is required to crack this exam. It is important for you to allocate some time for revision as well. This study exercise will help you remember the concepts that you have learned. Mark the topics that you find complicated to understand and keep revising it until you get a hold of the concept. Refer to different books, watch online videos from which you can understand the concept easily, and clarify all your doubts with your respective mentors.

  • Take Online Tests

With online coaching, students get access to numerous practice tests and previous year question papers. After completion of a chapter, students should take these tests to understand how much they have learned. Taking tests will point out their strengths and weaknesses and the students can focus on their weak areas. Many online coaching classes organize the All India test series where students can participate with other students from all over the country.