Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Mains 2018

JEE Mains 2018 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Once the board examinations are over, the engineering and architecture aspirants would be appearing for JEE (Joint Entrance Exam). With around 14 lakh students and 1500 centres in the country and overseas, the exam is planned to be held on 2nd April 2018 (Offline) and 8th and 9th April (Online) 2017. For being eligible in JEE Advanced 2018, around 2.2 lakh top candidates would be assessed on performance basis in JEE Mains 2018 (Paper 1) including all the categories.

Last-minute Preparation Tips For JEE Mains 2018

Experts have opined always in favour of methods that are conventional. Only in case, it does not help could the aspirants get to the root cause of the problem and finds the traces that would take you to the answer.

  • It is advisable that students should revisit the concepts that are connected to the problem and see how it could be used for the problem insight. Also, applying them in the real-life scenarios would be helpful in the preparation.
  • The answers provided at the end of every chapter should only be referred after you have run out of options.
  • Aspirants should have a look at the areas they have missed before and tried practicing with the same type of problems while remembering the fact that practicing with 100 quality questions that are based conceptually delivers more value than practicing 1000 questions chosen randomly.
  • Also, shortcuts should be devised by students themselves to find quick answers for problems of particular types.
  • As far as Paper 2 is concerned, it would be a test for visualizing 3-D objects sourced from 2-D drawings that would help to visualize different sides of 3-D objects along with the mental ability and analytical reasoning.

JEE Mains Exam Structure

Paper 1:

  • There are three sections in Paper 1 with the time duration of 3 hours. Part 1 is physics, part 2 is chemistry and part 3 is mathematics.
  • From each subject, there are 30 objective type multiple choice questions (MCQs) having only one correct answer.
  • All questions in each section carry 4 marks each with one-fourth negative mark for every question.

Paper 2:

  • There are three sections in Paper 2 with the time duration of 3 hours. Part 1 is physics, part 2 is the aptitude test and part 3 is drawing Test.
  • The mathematics section has 30 objective type MCQ questions with one-fourth negative marking.
  • The syllabus of JEE Mains (Paper 1 and Paper 2) is mapped according to the NCERT curriculum. The questions asked in JEE are conceptual and require lots of preparation and practice.
  • The aptitude section consists of 50 MCQ’s with four choices and one-fourth negative marking.
  • The Drawing test consists of two questions for checking the candidates drawing abilities and understandings.

From the above discussions, it is evident that the students need to formulate a proper study plan while preparing for highly competitive examinations like JEE Mains, which will ensure the on-time completion of the entire JEE Syllabus with enough time left for revising and practicing.

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