HC Verma Solutions Vol 2 Chapter 17 Alternating Current

HC Verma Solutions Vol 2 Alternating current Chapter 17 are a great study tool to master Physics concepts given in this unit. The solutions for this chapter contain accurate and descriptive answers for all the problem questions present in the book. With the solution, students will be able to understand the different types of questions and also learn the right way to solve them. All in all, by using the solutions students can easily gain proficiency in understanding the key concepts along with developing better analytical skills.

With the help of HC Verma solutions, students who are planning to appear for competitive exams like JEE can also prepare well and be ready to tackle questions that could be asked from this unit. These solutions are the premier study materials for science students and for those who want to score better grades in the exams.

Alternating Current Topics To Focus On

Students will need to learn about key topics like;

  • AC Generator or AC Dynamo
  • Instantaneous and RMS Current
  • Simple AC Currents
  • Vector Method
  • AC Circuits
  • Choke Coil
  • Hot Wire Instruments
  • DC Dynamo and Motor
  • Transformer

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Important Chapters In Chapter 17

1. When an AC source is connected to a capacitor what changes will occur with the rms current. Will it decrease or increase or will it remain constant when a dielectric slab is inserted into the capacitor?  

2. If we take an LCR circuit do you think that the peak voltage across the inductor will be greater than the peak voltage of the source?

3. What happens when the voltage is stepped up in a transformer? Will there be any energy produced?  

4. In a 220 volt AC source, what will the peak voltage read as?

(a) 440 V (b) 310 V (c) 160 V (d) 220 V

5. Can you tell where are transformers normally used in?

(a) AC circuits (b) DC circuits (c) in both AC and DC circuits (d) nowhere

HC Verma Solutions Vol 2 Alternating Current- Chapter 17

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