JEE Main 2019 Guidelines For Dress Code And Banned Items

JEE Main 2019 second phase is all set to begin from April 7th and will go on until the 12th. The exam will be held across India and reportedly over 9.34 lakh candidates are said to have registered for the exam. Majority of the candidates will have already appeared for the first session of the exam which was conducted earlier this year in the month of January.

Having said that, the exam conducting body NTA has now released a few important guidelines which candidates should adhere to. These are basically the do’s and don’ts that examinees should strictly follow while appearing for the final JEE Main exam. Knowing these exam guidelines will further help students avoid any confusion and even disciplinary issues. Let us go through the guidelines and be well prepared for the exams.

What is the Dress Code for JEE Main?

This is a common question among aspirants who are gearing up to appear for the exam. While the curiosity level among the candidates is at a high level, the good news is that for 2019 JEE Main, NTA has not specified any particular guidelines for the dress. However, it does not mean that candidates can wear whatever they like. There are some trends that should be followed and things to be avoided. Check them out below.

What To Wear?

  • Candidates can wear normal shirts or t-shirts.
  • Simple trousers or jeans can be worn.
  • Flip-flops or sandals.
  • In essence, candidates can wear comfortable and loose clothes.

What Dress To Avoid

  • Clothes with too many pockets must be avoided.
  • Other items like caps, goggles, scarfs, digital watch or any wristwatch should not be worn.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery like bangles, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets and other items.

Importance Of Dress Code For JEE Main 2019

During JEE 2019 Exams the security is usually tight and candidates have to go through close identity screening and frisking. Therefore a proper dress code is really important for several reasons like;

  • Helps candidates avoid unwanted attention to themselves.
  • They can maintain proper decorum of the examination.
  • No unfair means of conduct is followed.
  • The comfortable clothing will eventually be good for the candidates as they can fully concentrate on solving the question paper and not focus on something else.

List Of Banned Items

Here is a list of banned items.

  • Electronic devices and it includes phones, calculator, log tables, pager, tablets, laptops.
  • Books, notebooks, paper are not to be carried or taken.
  • Pen or pencil, pencil box, geometry set.
  • Bags or backpacks.
  • ID cards issued by schools/ colleges/ universities/coaching centres.
  • Eatables and water.
  • Any metallic item.
  • Earphone, microphone, camera, recorder, etc.

Exceptions For Diabetic JEE Main 2019 Candidates

The NTA has set a few guidelines for diabetic candidates. These are;

  • Such candidates will be allowed to carry eatables like fruits such as banana, apple or an orange.
  • They can also carry sugar tablets and water in a transparent bottle.
  • As for the restrictions, they will not be allowed to carry packaged foods like a sandwich, chocolate or candy.

Exam Day Guidelines

There are also important exam day guidelines that candidates should remember and follow. We have listed them out below.

  • Visit the exam centre one day before the exam.
  • Reach the exam centre a little early before the allotted shift.
  • Carry the admit card and valid government-issued photo id proof.
  • Prohibited items are not to be taken the examination hall at all.
  • Remember to fill in the accurate details like the signature and affix a photograph at the designated place in the attendance sheet.

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