IIT JEE – FAQ on Physics Preparation

When it comes to preparation of IIT JEE, there are few FAQ’s every student asks. In this article, we have answered the FAQ on Physics Preparation.

 Important Questions For Physics Preparation

Q1. Which book should we buy for JEE preparation of physics?

Ans: By looking at the Physics Sample Papers we can say that one of the most useful books for preparation is Concepts of Physics, Part I and Part II by H.C Verma as it covers almost all the concepts that are asked in the examination. Apart from this Halliday and Resnick as well as Arihant publication books have a good collection of physics questions. The concepts discussed are more or less the same in all the standard books. Hence referring to each one of them will be a waste of time.

Q2. Should we solve ‘Problems in General Physics’ by I.E Irodov?

Ans: If we closely analyze the problems given in “Problems in General Physics” by Irodov, we will find that most of the questions are above the level of IIT JEE Physics questions. So solving this book depends on the interest of the student. It will definitely increase your depth of knowledge but from an exam point of view, it is not mandatory.

Q3. Should we go through the previous year papers?

Ans: Most of the time in JEE, the chance of a question getting repeated from previous year papers is very less, but still one should go through the previous year papers with questions on physics. It helps us to analyze which topics are having more weightage or from which topic relatively easy JEE physics questions are asked. A lot more analysis can be done from these which can prove useful in developing your strategy for the preparation.

Q4. How should we do time management for different topics in Physics?

Ans: Time management for different topics should be decided depending upon the difficulty level of the concept involved as well as the total weightage of marks it carries in the final paper. For example, students tend to read mechanics for a long time while neglecting modern physics as it comes in the later parts. But from marks point of view, they have more or less the same weightage hence it should be given appropriate time.

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