JEE Preparation Tips for Droppers

The candidates appearing for IIT JEE 2020 includes the students who are attempting the examination for the second or third time and also includes students who have dropped a year to prepare for IIT JEE. If you belong to the later bunch and aspire to crack IIT JEE 2020 then you should make the most of your drop year.

In this article, we provide a list of the do’s and don’ts for JEE droppers. 

Do’s of JEE Preparation for Droppers

  • Stay Positive and Confident:

It is extremely important that the JEE droppers stay positive. They must not overthink about failing in the previous attempt. Thinking of the failure only causes depression and the candidate will have a negative approach towards the examination. Start the preparation with a fresh mind and believe in yourself.

  • Make an Effective Study Plan

Students can customize a schedule for exam preparation. This is not the kind of examination where you can study the night before and expect to score well in the examination. As the syllabus is vast and the examination is of high difficulty level, you must be systematic and smart about your approach. The students should analyse the previous years’ question papers, which gives them an idea about the important topics and other difficult questions. Find time-saving methods to solve the question paper.

  • Clear Basic Concepts

Most of the questions in IIT JEE are concept based. Allot more time to understand the basic concepts. Refer to the books that explain the basic concepts clearly.

  • Make Short Notes and Revise Regularly

Make sure you prepare short notes while studying each topic and revise the notes frequently. This will help in remembering the topics and not forget what you have learned by the time you complete the syllabus.

  • Take Mock Tests

After completing a few topics, take up a mock test or solve previous years’ question papers, which helps in analysing the candidates progress in the preparation. The candidate should evaluate the test results to understand where he/she is lagging. This will help gain perfection in weaker areas. The mock test also helps in improving the speed of answering. The students will also get familiar with the exam pattern and question types through Mock Tests.

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  • Take Guidance from Teachers and Friends 

The candidates must clear all his/her doubts from the teachers or peers without any hesitation. Rather than wasting time on solving the question themselves, they can get the help of teachers which is faster.

Don’ts of JEE Preparation for Droppers

  • Don’t Refer too Many Books

The students may get confused if they refer to too many books. Make the right choice of books and stick to referring the same books. Since the time available to study is limited, do not waste time checking the same answer in different books.

  • Avoid Distractions and Wasting Time

One of the major distractions of people these days is mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. It is not necessary that the students should get rid of electronic gadgets and get off all the social media platforms but at the same time, the candidate should avoid wasting a considerable amount of time that can be utilised for studying. 

  • Don’t  Over-exert

The students must not study for too long at a stretch, this makes them feel confused. The students must take adequate rest to prevent tiredness. They are encouraged to take short breaks during study hours to relax and refresh the mind.

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