HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 22 Photometry

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 22 Photometry gives students the opportunity to catch the excitement of solving questions related to radiant flux, relative luminosity and luminous flux of source etc

What is Luminous Efficiency?

The concept behind a light source able to generate visible light is termed as luminous efficiency

What is Radiant Flux?

It is referred to the tendency of the energy that is radiated to emit, reflect, transmit, and receive with respect to per unit time

We will be seeing problems with respect to this chapter which will help you understand the light’s speed in a better way.

In order to help students understand the concept clearly, we are offering conceptual problems along with solved examples in every chapter of HC Verma Solutions Class 11.

You will get to learn topics of photometry in the problems given here such as:

  • We have questions related to finding the luminous efficiency when luminous flux and radiant flux are given and vice versa
  • We have questions related to illuminance along with the luminous intensity of source where you will be finding the distance between the source and the original position

Every chapter of HCV Solutions has exercises which are arranged in a systematic manner in order to give you an amazing learning experience while solving. These questions will help you understand this chapter in a better way.

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Photometry Chapter 22

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