Does JEE Main Repeat Questions?

To crack JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is a dream of a number of students. But it feels impossible initially to even think to get achieve success in the JEE Main. But nothing is impossible if the candidate is dedicated and disciplined towards his/her studies. There is a need to keep yourself positive about the fact that “I am going to achieve it”.

After going through the concepts thoroughly, a candidate must focus on revision and solve last year questions. So many aspirants have this question in brain, whether the questions from previous years question papers repeat in JEE Main. This article is going to help about it.

Once the candidate has gone through the concept, revised carefully, and solved questions from each topic, then there is a need to practice last year’s JEE Main papers, definitely you will come across the questions which have been repeated 2-3 times, they may be same or change with values/data or on same concept or pattern. But the format of exam keeps changing. So always rely on recent years question papers. It also depend on the mind-set of the paper setter but solving mock test papers as many times as possible are going to be helpful. Keep an eye on the watch while solving question papers. If any question is taking more time then leave it for the last if time is left resolve it.

So it can be concluded that self-study and self-evaluation is very important to crack the JEE Main exam.