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Common Admission Test is one of the toughest exams in India and is a widely accepted entrance exam for almost all the top B-schools in the country. Ideally, one needs an approximate time of 10-12 months of preparation to crack the CAT exam in the first attempt. So, it is important to invest quality time while preparing for one of the most competitive entrance exams.

There are two courses of action one can take,

  • Firstly, the traditional way of self-learning
  • Secondly, receiving professional CAT coaching

You can read the complete article to explore more about the importance and benefits of CAT coaching.

In this article,

Importance of CAT Coaching

The CAT Exam fulfils your dream of getting into the IIMs and other prestigious management institutions. The rise in the number of CAT Exam takers every year emphasises the demand for management professionals in the current scenario. The CAT entrance exam syllabus includes a variety of questions that evaluate a candidate’s reasoning, aptitude, and language skills. It’s better to have proper guidance than to waste a great deal of time when we start learning. It can be overwhelming to handle a lot of things at one time. Though self-study is possible, you might feel intimidated by several distractions that come your way. You may study diligently, but you must have someone to channel your efforts wisely. Proper planning and strategising under expert guidance is highly recommended for scoring a high percentile in this exam.

Key Features of BYJU’S CAT Coaching

Through the advent of digital technology, learning has never been easier than it is today. Experience simplified learning with India’s most comprehensive CAT preparation platform. Here are a few points on why you can rely upon BYJU’S as the best coaching for CAT and your buddy in your journey to ace CAT.

  • CAT training spearheaded by serial CAT Topper and India’s best CAT trainers
  • Exclusive study materials designed by India’s leading CAT experts
  • Comprehensive preparation provided for GD-PI and WAT
  • Basics and concept visualisation
  • Seamless access to CAT study material, notes and PDFs
  • Effective utilisation of shortcut techniques including the BYJU’S URL technique
  • Personalised mentoring and doubt clearing sessions

Benefits of CAT Coaching Classes over Self-study:

  • Help to gain the desired expertise to achieve a high percentile in the exam.
  • Ensures study in an organised and focused manner. Mentors always keep tabs on individual progress from time to time, and keep on motivating.
  • Professionals have years of experience in the way the exam is conducted, the different types of questions plausible and the best approach to solve them; make sure the concepts of the aspirants are sound, and give more than one solution to tricky problems.
  • These experts ascertain proper focus is maintained while preparing for the exam which tends to deviate from self-study. They are well aware of the topics which are more important and provide them with the required problem-solving techniques to solve different problems.
  • Appropriate CAT study material and guidelines on relevant topics, exam patterns, and methods of solving numerical and analytical questions are given by the experts.
  • Doubt clarification is easier especially when teachers are present to guide the aspirants (rather than struggling and finding solutions alone).
  • Regular CAT mock tests provided to prepare the candidates for surprises in the exam.
  • Candidates’ performance analysis is given by experts to let them know their weaknesses and strengths. Interaction with mentors/experts helps to understand the weaker sections and decide the future course of action.

With these aforementioned reasons, it is clear that the coaching centres can be very beneficial for proper preparation before facing the CAT exam. Stay connected with BYJU’S to find the best CAT coaching institutes near you.

How do you choose the best coaching for CAT?

CAT is one of the widely accepted management entrance exams in India. However, before going to coaching classes, you must keep the following factors as a top priority on your checklist:

  • Quality
  • Success ratio
  • Frequency of mocks and weekly tests
  • Expertise of teachers

Also, visit the best CAT coaching in India to know more important factors to consider before choosing the best coaching centre for CAT.

Explore CAT Coaching Centres Near You:

It is always advised that proper coaching should be synchronised with honest self-study for excellent preparation to ace the CAT exam with ease. At BYJU’S, aspirants get access to comprehensive study materials along with the CAT syllabus and pattern.

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Frequently Asked Questions on CAT Coaching

When should I join coaching for CAT?

It is advisable to join a coaching institute 9-10 months before the exam. Time management is absolutely crucial for the CAT exam preparation. Along with joining the coaching institute, chart out a timetable, Keep track of your schedule and follow it diligently. To gain an understanding of what the real exam will be like, start practising sectional mock exams and previous year question papers. Consistent preparation is the key to improving your score.

Does BYJU’S CAT Coaching offer mock tests and practice tests?

While there are a number of CAT mock tests available online, only a select few series of mock CAT tests correspond with the difficulty level of CAT, and give you the true essence of the exam. CAT Mock Tests are available at BYJU’S for free to help students evaluate their preparation and familiarise themselves with the actual exam. Additionally, by joining the CAT Preparation tablet, students have access to 9500+ topic-based practice questions, and more than 25 sectional tests for CAT, as well as sectional practice questions.

Is there a limit to how many times you may take the CAT?

You can take the CAT exam as many times as you wish without any limit. However, it is essential that you fulfil the eligibility requirements set by the IIM.