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Best CAT Coaching In India

The CAT exam is attempted by an average of 1.75 lakh students per year. Out of these about 2.5% of the students have the chance to get into one of the IIMs. And out of those, 5-7% of students are selected for the top tier business schools. Making the cut on your own is a demanding task especially when you will mostly be caught up by work or college. Taking up CAT coaching helps in your predicament in the sense that you can ensure you have the best assistance to live up to your full potential in your first attempt.

The CAT exam tests you on 8th, 9th, 10th Std syllabus and requires advanced problem-solving skills such that one can solve questions in a matter of few minutes.

BYJU’S Classes has the unique advantage of providing students with shortcut tips and techniques to hone their problem-solving skills in such a way that the CAT questions papers become more predictable. Other institutes miss out on this integral part and concentrate more on solving and practising 100s of questions which in the long run is futile.

An average person, given the CAT question paper, can solve most of the questions, provided they have ample time. Since CAT is all about solving 100 questions in 180 minutes, matching up with the required speed is the biggest constraint. Therefore, using specially derived and tested methodologies and techniques by CAT experts becomes necessary to crack CAT in the first attempt.

Factors To Consider While Choosing CAT Coaching Centre:

With the plethora of choices available and the different modes of learning, it is easy to get confused and forget the essentials on which your focus should be. Here are some points to consider before joining any CAT coaching centre:

1. Faculty

Having good teachers while you prepare for CAT can be the make it or break it factor. This is why good faculty is considered to be the most important benchmark of a good coaching institute. At BYJU’S Classes, Byju Raveendran, serial CAT topper and PN Santosh, ISB Hyderabad alumni and 780 GMAT scorer, themselves take each and every class. They being India’s best CAT trainers provide shortcut tips and techniques to ensure that each student comprehends the concepts and underlying principles behind every topic.

2. Personal attention

In the majority of the coaching centers across the nation, students prepare in huge batches where personal attention by the mentor/faculty is negligible which becomes a strong factor of an aspirant to lose focus. Valuing the concept of personalized mentorship, we at BYJU’S provide a dedicated mentor to each and every student who keeps a constant tab on their progress.
Not only do they solve all doubts and queries but also provide you counselling and doubt solving sessions at your own time and convenience.

3. Flexibility & Adaptability

Imagine having to follow the same tedious routine of going to a class on the same day at the same time every week will never guarantee 100% attendance and attention for the time period of the lecture. BYJU’S tablet provides you the flexibility and convenience to study anytime anywhere with the classroom teachers delivering the same topics. This gives you the liberty to manage your time based on your schedule and ultimately prepare effectively for CAT.

4. Qualitative approach over quantitative:

It is an old school thinking that solving 100s of questions will help you ace the CAT. Instead, solve five significant ones which would encompass your understanding of the entire concept. In today’s competitive world smartwork pays off more than hardwork. BYJU’S provides you with comprehensive material which keeps a constant track of your progress with tests and a personalized feedback system. The study material gives a wide-ranging yet focused approach to the entire course and is full of all the time management tips you will require to ace the CAT.

5. Study Material:

You must have a look at the study material that the centre offers you and look if it is laudable and complete or not. The study material will help you in knowing the creditability of the centre. Only the best CAT preparation institute in India will provide students with this. BYJU’S material is packed with shortcut techniques & strategies. Apart from that, every student gets a Tab with the complete Classroom Videos pre-loaded which they can attend anytime, anywhere.

6. After Class Preparation

While looking for the best CAT institute in India, keep in mind that learning in centres alone does not suffice to clear the CAT. It is essential that the centre gives you after class preparation material that helps you know your standards and performance. At BYJU’S, every student gets a Samsung Tab with complete Classroom Videos which they can utilize for the best self-preparation.

7. Free classes and refund

It is important that you attend a demo class before you register in the centre and see if you are comfortable with their style of coaching, the environment and staff, etc. Also, it is safe that you inquire about the refund so you can get back your money if you are not satisfied and don’t think it’s the best MBA coaching in India.

Whether it’s MBA coaching in Delhi or any other major city in India, at BYJU’S, the same teachers who come with you for the rest of your preparation time take the same classes and you can get your money refunded even after 3 weeks of attending the classes.

Having considered all the above options, the candidates can attend a free demo session and see the difference it makes to their respective CAT preparation.