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CAT Questions on Quants

In this article, we have shared the chapter-wise most important CAT Questions on Quant list that you must solve before the exam date. The candidates may know that CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions include mathematical calculations, theorems and fact-based questions. So aspiring candidates must work on their mental calculation skills to solve CAT Questions on Quant quickly and accurately. Please refer BYJU’S CAT College Predictor tool.

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Considering the last year’s CAT Exam Analysis, the candidates can expect 22 CAT Quant Questions in total. CAT Quantitative Aptitude questions are often tricky and confuse the candidates. Some of the Quantitative Aptitude questions for the CAT exam are also time-consuming. So, the overall difficulty level of this section is considered to be the toughest.

Read the section below to know more about CAT Questions and start preparing for this section in a scheduled and result-oriented manner.

CAT Questions on Quantitative Aptitude

The CAT Quant Questions include a wide range of topics like number systems, time and work, geometry, etc. Most of the CAT Quantitative Aptitude topics are from basic Mathematics that individuals studied at their school levels.

The most important thing required to ace CAT Questions is practice and lots of practice. It is important to solve CAT Previous Years Question Papers to be able to get confident with all the topics and tackle most of the questions in the exam. So, to help the candidates to practice CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions, several practice questions for the CAT exam from different topics are provided below:

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions topic-wise percentage weightage

CAT Questions Quant – Chapter-Wise Details

Below we have listed the chapter-wise CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions for your ready reference. Go through each of the chapters and practice all the questions to get conceptual clarity. Make a notebook to note down all the important formulas and theories that you may require to solve CAT Quant Questions with 100% accuracy.

CAT candidates can even check some DI and Reasoning CAT questions from the links given below. 

CAT Quant Questions – Previous Year’s Slot-Wise Analysis

Our Experts have provided detailed answer keys and solutions to all CAT Quantitative Aptitude questions for the exam conducted in 2022. Watch the videos below to get familiar with the quickest ways to solve the questions:

CAT 2022 (Slot 1) Quant

CAT 2022 (Slot 2) Quant

CAT 2022 (Slot 3) Quant

Difficulty Level for Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT 

The questions in the CAT quantitative aptitude section vary in difficulty. The overall difficulty level of recent CAT exams has decreased significantly. However, there is no way to forecast how challenging the CAT Questions will be.

Therefore, one should always be prepared to negotiate alterations in the exam’s level of difficulty. In light of this, the majority of the questions in this section range in difficulty from moderate to challenging.

Why Do I Practice CAT Questions Regularly?

The majority of the questions range in difficulty from moderate to difficult. As a result, we strongly advise that you only attempt these problems once you have mastered the fundamental ideas behind each of the CAT Quant Questions.

Try to complete the basics first then work on your conceptual clarity to solve CAT Questions on Quantitative Aptitude accurately. Keep in mind that there are 40 minutes sectional time limit, so time management for each of the questions is very important to solve these questions quickly.

How to Prepare CAT Questions on Quantitative Aptitude?

The candidates need to be well-focused and committed to their study when it comes to being ready for the CAT Quant questions. Here, our experts have provided a list of easy ideas that you may use to improve your planning.

  • Maintain a Notebook Always: Keep a journal for time-saving techniques and crucial formulas linked to Quant Questions for CAT. It will help you to do time-to-time revisions before the exam date.
  • Work on Your Basics: Since the majority of the CAT aptitude questions pertain to elementary mathematics, solving them requires a basic understanding of the subject.
  • Do Practice A Lot: It is crucial to practise all the material relevant to Quantitative Questions for the CAT. Because there is a negative marking for CAT Questions, you should always endeavour to learn from your errors and improve your accuracy.

CAT Questions on Quant – Tips to Solve

You can follow the below-listed solving tips for CAT Aptitude Questions.

  • Know the accurate formulas and learn to apply them tactically.
  • Make a list of shortcut tricks to solve the problem accurately.
  • Never guess the answers. Sometimes, it will lead to a huge negative marking on the final result.

Apart from Quant & DILR questions, aspirants can also check Reading Comprehension for CAT and practice numerous comprehension questions. By solving these questions, one can easily get acquainted with the level and variations of questions asked in the CAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Questions


Is there any sectional time limit for CAT Questions on quant?

Yes, there are 40 minutes sectional time limits to solve CAT questions on quant. The total limit is 120 minutes, it is divided into equal 40 minutes for 3 exam sections in CAT.


What are the most important topics for CAT Quantitative Aptitude sections?

The most important topics for CAT Quantitative Aptitude sections are Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Number systems, Modern Maths and so on.


Are CAT Questions very tough?

The CAT Questions are perhaps the most difficult for most students to pass. Numerous common CAT Quantitative traps exist and must be recognised and avoided from the very beginning of preparation.


How many questions will be there in CAT quants?

As per the last year’s analysis, the aspirants can expect 66 questions for CAT Quants.