Group Discussion for MBA

The candidates clearing the CAT exam are called for Group Discussion for further scrutiny before the admissions. Though GD has been replaced by Written Ability Test in most of the IIMs, GD is still involved in the admission process of many other prestigious B-Schools.

Group Discussion for MBA

What is Group Discussion?

Group discussion may be defined as, ‘A form of methodical and purposeful oral process characterized by the formal and structured exchange of views on a single topic, issue, problem or situation for developing information and understanding essential for decision making or problem solving’. The group members need to listen to each other and use voice and gesture effectively, use clear language and persuasive style.

The most important part of any group discussion is the way you conduct yourself, your body language and aggression in conjunction with your knowledge and general awareness.

GD round is conducted by an examiner or a panel whose primary job is to oversee the entire group discussion. After the announcement of the GD topic or the case study, the examiner becomes a silent spectator of the event.


Sections of a Group Discussion

The group discussion is basically divided into three sections namely Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion.

  • The first part of the GD generally checks the concept and awareness of the issue and puts the concepts into the table.
  • The second part or discussion part is to check leadership qualities – more often than not the person who dominates the discussion is given fewer marks than the person who guides the discussion into a healthy conversation. Body language and etiquettes are keenly monitored and noted.
  • The third and the final conclusion part of the discussion is very important since it checks the understanding of situation and problem solving and decision-making skills. It is very important to conclude strongly since it leaves a strong impression.


A sample report of the way of scrutinizing is shown here:

Sample CAT Group Discussion Evaluation Sheet

Current GD Topics For MBA:

The topics that are generally asked in the group discussion could be:

  • Factual: The education policy of India, Tourism in India, etc.
  • Abstract:  Where there’s a will, there’s a way; Black or White? etc.
  • Argumentative/ Controversial topics: Reservation should be removed; Quota System should be abolished, etc.
  • Opinion based: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage; Nuclear Family or Joint Family, etc.
  • Current GD topics: Can social media be controlled?; Should Lokpal bill be passed?; Performance of our Parliament is worth criticizing; What can save Air India? etc.
  • Case-based topics: Open-end discussions, using their thinking ability they decide what they can do in such situations. (The panelist under the case-based study, look for the decision-making skills)

The group discussions are very important for selection in many prestigious B-Schools and so, you need to be very good and need to make a statement. It is very important to practice Mock group discussion with peers under constant supervision. Visit prepare group discussion for CAT to get various group discussion tips to be able to ace any MBA admission.

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