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Our Shortcut techniques, strategies and learning videos make cracking the CAT exam a breeze.

Student testimonials

I want to thank Byju sir for all that I have achieved, I had thought of joining other institutes for my preparation. But they were catering to the masses by only covering the basic things. Fortunately I came to know about Byju sir and his classes which were a real value addition and confidence booster. Sir, your discussion of quality questions gave direction to my random preparation and my results now do the talking.

Devavrata S Golangade

Devavrata S Golangade,

100 percentilier, DI

Byju Sir’s classes played a big role in me securing a 100%tile in CAT. His Classes & Workshops are the best way to prepare for CAT. You just need to see his session once to realize the difference. His unique teaching methodologies & shortcut techniques instilled in me a confidence that helped me bell the CAT.

Jaskaran Singh

Jaskaran Singh,

(100 Percentiler, CAT-2012)

After a demoralizing experience at another institute, Byju sir’s classes breathed new life into my CAT preparation & are undoubtedly the reason for my success. A must for any student aiming to do wellin cat & enjoy a learning experience while doing so.

Avinash Reddy

Avinash Reddy,

99 percentiler, Calls – A,C,L,I,K

I’m deeply indebted to my teachers at BYJU’S Classes for the deep insight they gave me on the subjects taught. Attending the classes was truly an enriching experience, it helped me build a new perspective of looking at the questions asked in the exam and eventually solve them with aplomb.

Varun Kara

Varun Kara,


We are not asking anyone to join our classes. First attend this class, and if you still find a better class Go and JOIN! Byju Raveendran is a two time CAT 100 PERCENTILER and India’s No.1 AptitudeTrainer. You just need 15 minutes of his session to realize this.

Asit Abinash

Asit Abinash,

Final Converts: IIM A, IIM B

Byju sir’s classes are fantastic! I used to dread quants before I joined his class. His techniques and methods helped me tackle the quants section w ith great confidence. DI & LR questions were mostly tacked by trial and error, thanks to Pravin for bringing in some kind of organization in the way we solve DI questions. A big thanks to Santosh for his ‘Golden Rules’ in helping solve RCs. His ideas w ere completely novel and until i attended his classes it had never occurred to me that there can be a systematic approach to solve RCs. I’m extremely thrilled that I have ‘Belled the CAT’ this time. I owe a big part of my success to BYJU’S CAT classes.Once again a big thanks for helping me make my dream come true.

Bhavika Kansara

Bhavika Kansara,


“If you have to do it the conventional way, better not do it!” You have to know Byju sir to know what I am talking of. You need to attend a class to be able to differentiate between conventional and unconventional. You have to attend a lecture (read: awesome weekends) to know what passion is. You inherently get the feeling of ‘Yes I can’. Trust me, getting through CAT and IIM is just a by-product of sir’s classes. That comes automatically. However, there is MUCH more to it than only this. Thank you Byju and Santosh sir! I got through IIM Lucknow PGP 2013-15.

Sahil Jain

Sahil Jain,

IIM Lucknow PGP 2013-15


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