Mock Test Evaluation For CAT 2022 Preparation

Mocks can never be ignored when preparing for CAT. Mocks are very crucial in terms of preparing for the exam. Mock tests and success cannot be defined as a ratio but the CAT mock tests with ideal frequency will help you build confidence, get a gap analysis and start working on them.

So, how to analyze CAT mock tests?

One needs to have a benchmark to analyze the mock test. Benchmark helps you set a target to get on with the tests. The target will motivate to practice more effectively. These benchmarks will help you perform consistently in your future mock tests as well. The areas where you are weak, you can pick that area and try for improvement, work on the topics and then aim to achieve those weak topics in the next mock test you take.

With this process, each mock test is going to help you increase your accuracy in the topics where you are weak and will provide a detailed version of the topics where you lag behind. This table will help an in-depth analysis of your weak areas in a well-versed manner.

You may also create an excel sheet that could contain the parameters like this:

Sections Mock Test 1 Analysis Mock Test 2 Analysis
Marks obtained ( % Attempts, % Accuracy,

Difficult Topics)

Marks obtained (% Attempts, % Accuracy,

Difficult Topics)

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
Verbal Ability
Quantitative Aptitude

Taking the regular mock tests will also help prepare your body to adapt at the set of time where you are possibly taking your CAT exam.

SWOT analysis:

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats.

This is how we should get on working on our SWOT:

Look at the table below:

Mock Test Evaluation For CAT Preparation

The table above is an example of how you can work your way up to the CAT level questions. With the help of the table, you will be able to know the current position.

BYJU’S in-depth performance analysis tool:

The analysis listed above can be found inbuilt within BYJU’S app for CAT Preparation. Each sample paper or mock test will provide you with a dashboard containing the areas where you can ace the exam and the areas where you are weak.
The app then makes you hustle with the topics and make sure you improve in that particular area before moving forward with the difficulty level. With BYJU’S app, you are availing the best app in the country for CAT preparation who is going to be your personal mentor as well.

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