Logical Reasoning Tips for CAT Exam

The ability to analyse information and arrive at a conclusion or an accurate answer is tested in the Logical Reasoning section of the CAT exam. Data interpretation and data sufficiency questions are common in this section. The data could be given in any form – like graphs, charts or even paragraphs.

Logical Reasoning Tips For CAT Exam

What are the Logical reasoning topics for CAT?

While there is no set syllabus, the CAT mock tests, especially those on the official website give a fair idea of what to expect, question types and overall exam pattern. Visit CAT Syllabus to know an estimated syllabus for the exam.

The logical reasoning topics for CAT can be from anywhere- ranging from set theory, blood relations to Syllogism. But you can start with simple ones based on number series, letter series, picking the odd one out and so on to prep yourself for tougher questions. You can later advance to logical reasoning topics like Games, Logical grouping, Pan Balance and more.

How to Prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT?

One of the tricks to do if you’re wondering how to prepare logical reasoning for the CAT is to classify the questions under different categories. In this way, knowing the strong and weak topics become easier. Thus, you can easily know the topics in which you need to improve your abilities. You may be good at a particular type of reasoning problem and not so good at others. But for the CAT exam, being able to solve all the questions is very crucial.

How to solve Logical reasoning questions?

If you are wondering how to solve logical reasoning in CAT, here are a few tips to get you ahead:

  • To solve the LR questions, use only the information specified. An assumption based answer may not be right.
  • Practice how to solve different types of questions like linear/circular seating arrangement, questions based on set theory, those on cubes and verbal arithmetic.

How to improve logical reasoning for CAT?

Here are some Do’s that are sure to help the candidates improve logical reasoning for CAT:

  • Read books on logical reasoning to get a firm foundation on the subject. Spend time browsing in a library or online to see if you are comfortable with the way the author explains.
  • Work with brain teasers to improve your logical reasoning for CAT and make it fun.

Watch Video on How to Crack DILR Section

With a decent amount of practice and strong fundamentals of reasoning, you have a good chance of tackling the LR section easily. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to know various tips and tricks to solve different CAT exam topics and ace the exam. Also, get various engaging videos to effectuate the learning process.