Uses of Microscope

Uses of Microscope

We know that the major uses of microscope is to view objects which are so tiny that they are invisible to naked eye. There are various applications of this devices depending on the fields it is used. It can be used to solve crimes, cure diseases, create new materials and even used for analysis of fossils which were part of history.

Some Applications and uses of Microscope are in:

  • Botanical Field
  • Biological Field
  • Crime Investigation
  • Educational Field
  • Medical Field

Microscopes in Botanical Field

Lab professionals and students who want to study the features of leaves, their cells, and many features of a plant, use this device. Botanists do multiple researches on various plants and fungi for research purposes which helps them find many new features.

Microscopes in Biological Field

We have seen this device in every biological laboratories. This device is used for observing microorganisms and their features. In this field, microscopes are used to study bacteria, cells and many more. This device helps biologists in their study of living organisms and their cell structures.

Microscope in Crime Detection

Use of microscopes in crime fields helps to simplify complex evidences and helps in studying them to solve cases. We use this device for forensics purposes and prove the convict is innocent or not. There is major application of these devices in this field and without it will not be possible to examine certain things which are not visible with naked eye.

Microscopes in Education

In various institutions, colleges, schools and universities, among various optical instruments, this lab tool will be found in every laboratory of major departments. Students use this device to learn new things and understand the world around them. Because of its excellent usage, it is one of the favourite device of students.

Microscopes in Medical field

Human’s greatest contribution to healthcare would not have been possible without the use of microscopes. Scientists and lab professionals use this device to study various viruses and bacteria and find out cure for various diseases. Researchers use this device to study deadly microorganisms and how they affect human body.

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Resolving Power of a Microscope and Telescope

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is a microscope?

A microscope is a device used to view the object/specimen in a clear and magnified way.

What are the various types of microscopes?

Various types of microscopes are:
  • Simple microscope
  • Compound microscope
  • Electron microscope
  • Stereomicroscope
  • Scanning probe microscope
  • Q3

    List five fields in which the microscope is used.

    Microscopes are used in:
  • Crime Investigation
  • Botanical Field
  • Educational Field
  • Biological Field
  • Medical Field
  • Q4

    State true or false: Microscopes are used to study bacteria, and cells.


    What type of mirror is used in a simple microscope?

    A concave reflecting type mirror is used in a simple microscope.
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