What is a Windmill?

A windmill is defined as a machine that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy. All the blades of windmill always rotate in a clockwise direction. The first windmill was designed in the year 1854 by Daniel Halladay from the United States.

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Types of Windmills

There are two basic types of windmills based on their axis of rotation, and they are:

  • Vertical axis windmills
  • Horizontal axis windmills

There are four types of horizontal axis windmills:

  • Post mill
  • Smock mill
  • Tower mill
  • Fan mill

How Do Windmills Work?

The number of blades of the windmill was determined after many trial and error methods. It was found that three blades worked the best and that’s how every windmill has three blades. The energy source for windmill is wind. When the blades come in contact with the wind, the blades move such that the shaft starts to spin, resulting in the production of electricity. The generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Components of Windmill

Following are the components of windmill:

  • Blades: These are the essential component of the windmill, and they control the functioning of rotor speed.
  • Rotor: Rotor is also known as a propeller.
  • Anemometer: This component is used for measuring the wind speed.
  • Tower: This is the support system holding the blades and propeller together.

Uses of Windmill

The main purpose of windmill is to convert wind energy into electrical energy,  and when electrical energy is obtained, the following are the ways it is used:

  • For pumping of groundwater.
  • Extraction of oil from the seeds.
  • Milling of the grains.

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How To Make A Windmill?



Make a toy or model windmill for your windowsill or garden and learn about the fundamentals of wind energy first-hand. Wind turbines produce electricity by using the natural power of the wind to drive a generator. The wind is one of the clean and sustainable sources of energy.

Materials Required

  • Heavy construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or compass
  • Scotch Adhesive Putty
  • Straw or thin stick
  • Scotch Precision Scissors
  • Pushpin or metal paper fastener

Procedure to build the Windmill

  • Roll a 1-inch piece of adhesive putty into a ball in your hands. Set it aside.
  • Cut construction paper into a square shape. (If your paper is 8 ½ x 11, then cut 2 ½ inches off the long end.)
  • Fold the paper diagonally to form a triangle. Unfold and then fold diagonally in the other direction, forming another triangle. When you open the paper, you’ll see the creases form an “X”.
  • Use a ruler or compass to measure 1 inch from the center of the X. Mark this measurement on all four lines with a pencil.
  • Cut along each line to the pencil mark.
  • Now pull the four corners to the center, folding the tips of the facing triangles over each other evenly.
  • Push a pushpin or metal fastener carefully through the center of the paper. Make sure it goes through all four corners and pokes out through the back.
  • Stick the ball of putty on top of your straw or stick. Then stick the end of the pin or fastener into the putty.
  • Now blow on your windmill and watch it spin!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What are windmills?

Windmills are machines that convert kinetic energy (wind) into mechanical energy.

What are the two types of windmills?

Vertical axis windmills and horizontal axis windmills are the main two types of windmills.

What are the main components of a windmill?

Blades, rotor, anemometer, and tower are the main components of a windmill.

What are the main uses of electric energy derived from windmills?

It is used for electrifying towns, industries, etc.

What are the main types of winds?

Primary wind, secondary wind and tertiary wind.
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