Stethoscope Project



To make a home made Stethoscope.

Apparatus Required

  • A tubing piece
  • Scissors
  • A balloon
  • A timer
  • Rubber band


  • Take a tubing and fit a funnel at both the ends.
  • Enlarge the balloon by blowing and then let the air out.
  • Cut top third of the balloon.
  • Stretch the top of the balloon tightly above the open end of any one of the funnels. You can use a band to hold it in a correct place.
  • Sit in a quiet place and keep the end of the funnel with a balloon on your chest, towards the left centre on the skin.
  • Keep the other funnel over the ear. You can hear a little beating sound.
  • Make use of the timer to count the number of beats you hear in 20 seconds. Multiply this value by three to calculate how much your heart beats in a minute.
  • Try doing more tests like running for 5 minutes and check how fast your heart beats.

The doctors listen to your heart beats for two seconds with a stethoscope. The first sound is a low pitched and longer sound while the second beat is higher and shorter sound.

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