10 Things To Know Before Class 12 Board Exam

Well , you are a student who has reached class 12. So , you should be knowing what I’m talking about . How many times in the academic years that have passed , have you told yourself “Ah..I have 2 more months left more my exam. I have a lot of time to prepare “.Didn’t you do it for your class 10 boards ? And , at the end , some of you might have felt , “I wish I got those 2 months back”. Many of us have done it. So , this time let’s pledge that we won’t do it this time and will make use of the good time that we have, to leisurely finish our preparation for our class 12 boards and ‘find your place in the sun’.

The results of your class 12 board examination is highly important . It is used as a reference , right from obtaining admission to a college of your choice , to getting the job that you desire. At every stage , your board exam results will reflect your aptitude. Hence , be prepared to put your best foot forward now.

A quick run through what you can actually do to ‘make the grade’ in your class 12 board exams , will make your preparation way more simpler than what you thought . Let’s look at the points you must follow :

  1. Create a tactical plan of action

For creating a standard plan of action , you will have to do some amount of research. But , don’t get stressed hearing the word “research”. All you have to do is ,

  • Make charts of all the important topics that have been repeatedly asked in previous years board exams.
  • For each subject , enumerate the topics in the order of importance . Allot a particular time span for each topic based on importance .
  • Keep a target of completing your study at least once , 4 months prior to your board exam.

how to prepare cbse class 12

  1. Realize the importance of NCERT text books

If you talk to your seniors in school who have topped the class 12 board exams , they will undoubtedly tell you that the book they referred and studied the most was their NCERT text books they got from school. So , what you should do is :

  • Read and study each chapter in your text book very thoroughly.
  • Practice all the numericals and extra questions after each chapter in your text book. Many times , the same questions have been asked in the exam.
  • Do not overload yourself with too many guide books. Having one standard guide is much more than enough . Refer these guides for short questions and application level questions.

how to prepare cbse class 12

3. NEVER decide to give your class 12 board exam without solving previous year question papers

This practice of solving previous year question papers for the last 10 years , at least , has always proved to be a sure shot success formula for the boards. Many a times , the same question ,or a very similar question is asked for the boards . So , find time to solve these question papers without fail.

4. Study in groups once in a while

This method of study will automatically lead to new ideas and doubts and further clarifications within the group which will broaden your understanding of the subject. Most importantly , group study will help you retain what you learnt in your memory for a longer time.

how to prepare cbse class 12

5. Take the model test papers at your school very seriously

Most of the time , students look at model test papers at school as just another exam which need not be looked at with any significance. This is a huge blunder that is done. The sole purpose of having these model test papers at school , is to train you towards what you would be facing on the bigger platform of your boards. The questions for these test papers will be set by your teachers after careful evaluation of the usual exam pattern and questions . So , it will be a very wise move to prepare really well for these tests as , if you score really well in these exams , half the war is won.
Next , you can create a graph of your performance , starting from your first model test paper. Looking at this graph , you will be able to get a picture of what you have been doing , and what you need to do, to put it in simple words. Don’t forget to keep raising the bar of performance, each time.

how to prepare for cbse board exam

  • Now , the most important part of your examination process – the examination itself. There have been many incidents , where students go to the halls fully prepared , but due to wrong approach of delivering their answers , have come out scoring way below what they deserved.

A very smart approach is needed to score high marks in the boards. Let’s look at some of the key points:

6. Time Management

Until and unless you manage your time during the exam wisely , it is a fact beyond doubt , that all your efforts will go down the drain . Many students face this issue. They begin with the exam , thinking they have all the time in the world , and end up not being able to answer the highest scoring questions . So , remember that you have only 3 hours to complete your exam. Start with the questions with the highest marks , and eventually come towards the 1 and 2 mark questions.

how to prepare for cbse board exams

7. Handwriting

You should be surprised to know that your handwriting , unlike what you thought , is extremely important to score high marks in your class 12 board exams. The reason is very simple. The faculty evaluating your answer paper , should be correcting at least 40+ papers in 6 hours . So , in order to draw her attention to your paper , and inspire her to give you more marks , you have to make sure that your handwriting is neat and legible . Underlining important points is a great idea.

8. Illustrations

The evaluator of your exam has to be your God while you give your exam .You have to present your answer paper in a way that she be forced to award you the maximum marks possible . Drawing diagrams is the best way towards that . It will instantly catch the attention of the reader and will surely impress her . Hence, more marks fall on your paper.

Two more important points you need to comply with during this period of your exam- related journey

9. Keep away from all instruments of distraction

All social media platforms that you use to entertain yourself , like Facebook , Watsapp , etc which , in a normal day , eats away more than half of your time , is strictly not to be misused during this period. These behave like viruses that will kill you without you realizing it. So , do stay away from these so that it gives you much more time for productive work.

cbse class 12 board exam preparation

10. Keep fit in the body and mind

Bad health is the biggest enemy of an ambitious person . It creates a large web of constraints that deter the individual from giving his best . So , take care to stay healthy , and make the best use your time.

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