Water Harvesting

Water harvesting model

Rain Water harvesting is the act of collecting rainwater. The rainwater is stored for various kinds of use and can be filled into the ground water apart from water tank and other means of storage.


To make a water harvesting model.

Materials required

  • Two liter of bottle and a pop bottle
  • A tape and a box
  • A ruler
  • Hard and water proof object


  • You can take a cardboard box to make a model house.
  • Punch two holes in a two-liter bottle, one at the bottom and other at the top.
  • Tape the ruler at 90 degree angle over the box.
  • Place the flat, hard and waterproof object as a slope.
  • Place the pop bottle under the edge of waterproof roof.

Now fill the bottle with water and some of that water gets collected into the pop bottle when flown down over the roof. By this, you have collected the rainwater and a water harvesting system is developed.

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