Fossil Casting

Fossil Casting

Search for any object that’s fascinating to you and set it in stone to create a fossil. The impression it will cast will remain to live on forever, unlike the object inside.

This project will help you to understand and learn how the secrets of previous centuries are unlocked by scientists, for example, most of what we know about dinosaurs comes from our knowledge of fossils.

Things you will need:

  • Modeling Clay
  • Paper cups – 2
  • POP (Plaster of Paris)
  • Water, and
  • Any object you want to fossilize

How to do it:

  • Roll out a ball of modeling clay till it is around 2cm thick and be sure that the surface is smooth.
  • Take the modeling clay and put it inside the paper cup and be sure that the smooth surface is on the top. Take the object you want to fossilize and press it into the clay till it’s half buried.
  • Take the object out of the modeling clay carefully and you will see an impression left behind.
  • Take the other cup and mix your plaster of Paris with water to create a mixture. Take half a cup of POP and add a 1/4th cup of water into it. Mix the resultant until it’s smooth. Leave it for a minute or two.
  • When the mixture thickens, empty it on the impression on the modeling clay. Leave the whole setup alone and leave it to dry.
  • Take the paper cup and tear the sides to break open the Plaster of Paris and modeling clay setup. Keep it in a dry warm place and voila! You have your personal fossil.


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