DNA Model

The DNA model might look complicated but it is very easy to construct. Making this model will help you understand the DNA molecules and elements clearly. A well-built DNA model will attract many in your school science fair.

DNA Model

Material Required

To construct a DNA model you will need the following material:

  1. Double end toothpicks
  2. Styrofoam balls
  3. Wooden stand
  4. Paint brush
  5. Watercolor to paint balls
  6. Glue
  7. String


  1. Before starting to prepare the DNA model, decide what color will be for small molecules. You can select any color for the balls. These small molecules will form large DNA molecules.
  2. Paint all the balls:
    1. Paint 16 balls with yellow color and represent as sugar.
    2. Paint 14 with white to represent phosphate.
    3. Make four groups of four balls as nitrogenous base. Paint with different color.
    4. Let all the balls dry for a day thoroughly.
  3. Now assemble the wooden stand.
  4. Start from the bottom most to connect the molecules using toothpicks. Make sure, the large DNA molecules are wrapped around the volume of the stand.
  5. Continue assembling the balls with toothpicks until you run out of balls.


After doing this model, you will realise that DNA has a remarkable construction of molecular base. Students find it interesting and fun do-it-yourself project and is ideal for biology science fair project. You can use any color to represent the elements of DNA. Before starting, do your research about the DNA construction and what molecules are important and how to design it more.


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