CBSE New Pattern for Class 12 Mathematics Question Paper for 2017 Board Exams

After a series of visions over the views of students, parents, ministers on the syllabus of CBSE class 12 students in the last year, the CBSE Board has taken an initiative to make new change in the Question Paper Pattern for Class 12 Mathematics for the year 2017.  The CBSE exam for the year 2017 will witness an new look of Maths paper design which is going to focus onto about 80% less or more difficult level of questions.

The CBSE has released a recent circular dated- 26.07.2016 about the details of the change in the pattern of question paper. You can go through the official website of CBSE Board for more details over it.

The new look of this mathematics question paper for the class 12 follows the below changes-

  1. As per the central board of secondary education, the new format of paper is been added up with 2-marks questions, wherein before the question paper would only have 1,4 and 6 marks questions. This 2 marks will be useful with a total of about 16 marks.
  2. The question paper is designed in a way where, 20% will fall under category ‘easy’ and 60% will fall under category ‘average’ and the rest 20% will be of ‘difficult’ questions.
  3. The paper will have HOTS- Higher Order Thinking Skills type of questions comprising of 10 marks.
  4. The VSA- Very Short Answer questions and Short Answer (SA) will comprise of about 20 marks.
  5. There wont be any choice of overall questions coming in the question paper. But still, 30% of internal choices having four marks and six marks type of questions.

The below table provides you a brief look over the question paper pattern of Class 12 mathematics -2017.

  • Question paper pattern-
Types of Questions VSA- 1 mark SA-2 mark LA-I- 4 mark LA-II- 6 mark Total Marks
Remembering 2 2 2 1 20
Understanding 1 3 4 2 35
Application 1 3 2 25
Higher Order Thinking Skills 3 1 10
Evaluation 1 1 10
  • Questions wise break-up-
Questions type Marks/question Total questions Total number of marks
VSA 1 4 4
SA 2 8 16
LA-I 4 11 44
LA-II 6 6 36
Total marks 29 100
  • Table showing the level of difficulty in Question paper-
Level of Difficulty Easy Average Difficult
Weightage in % 20 60 20

For more details about the recent notifications, visit the official academic website of the CBSE board.


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