CBSE Syllabus For Class 1 to 5 PDF

The Central Board of Secondary Education( CBSE ) has a defined and proper set of academic activities which progresses to provide a child-centered and stress-free education environment so that a child enjoys learning and builds a passion for it.

CBSE syllabus for 5 includes subjects like Maths, Science, English, Moral science, etc. The NCERT syllabus of class 5 is prepared by the experts who have many years of experience in teaching.

The student can refer these CBSE 5th class syllabus before starting their revision. Here at BYJU’S, we provide CBSE syllabus from class 1 to 5 pdf, which the students can download. The syllabus is given in a structured way so that it is easy for them to understand.

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Practise This Question

NX is produced by the following step of reactions M + X2MX2MX2+X2M3X8

M3X8+N2CO3NX +CO2+M3O4 How much M (metal) is consumed to produce 206 gm of NX. (Take at wt. of M = 56, N = 23, X = 80)