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How to make a Wooden Generator

How to make a Wooden Generator

While making a Wooden Generator model, you have to know about the variables like dependent and independentones. The independent variable is the factor that you use for testing, for examples a diameter of wire and speed of turning. The dependent variable is the electricity production rate. Let us see the materials required to make a conductor.

Wooden Electric Generator

Making an wooden electric generator for a science project is a great way to learn the working principles of the generator. Besides, it is also an exciting project to work on. Given here is a detailed explanation on how to make a wooden generator.

Things needed

The below-mentioned items are required in order to construct a wooden generator:

  • Copper Wire (Insulated)
  • Light Bulb Base
  • Wood Glue
  • Sandpaper (small)
  • Wood Dowel (1″ diameter)
  • Wood Dowel (⅜” diameter)
  • Rod Magnet (3″ long)
  • 2 Volt Screw Base Light Bulb
  • ½ square foot Balsa wood (⅛” diameter)

How to make

  1. Try to cut two pieces(square shaped)from the balsa wood (3.5”x 3.5 “).
  2. Pierce a hole of ⅜” at the centre of every square.
  3. Cut four 1” x 3 7/16.
  4. Cut a 1” wood dowel to get a ¾” piece. Try making a ⅜” hole in the exact center of it. You could insert a 6” long ⅜” wood dowel in the hole and apply some glue and center it and let it dry for some time.
  5. You could make another hole with the exact diameter of your rod magnet right at the center of the bigger wood dowel piece that would easily let the magnet to push through.

How to run

  1. Insert the magnet into the wood dowel hole. Try centring it and use a little glue to secure it.
  2. You could use one balsa wood (large square) and four smaller balsa kinds of wood (rectangular) to form a box
  3. Try inserting the wood dowel into the box center right into the hole. During this time the magnet would be inside the box
  4. Try placing a large square as a way to make the box complete. Try applying some glue to the edges and let it settle and dry. By this time you would have the box ready with a magnet that could spin while you could spin the wood dowel.
  5. You can wrap the copper wire around the box and secure it using a masking tape. You should note that the more the copper wire around the box, the more electricity would be produced
  6. You could also remove the insulation from both the ends of the wire and connect it to the screws of the bulb holder or base. After this, you can insert the light bulb.
  7. Finally, you can spin the wood dowel fast to get the light.

From this working model, it is evident that one could produce electricity just by having the materials mentioned above and is simple and easy to make with least effort. Such models could be demonstrated in school exhibitions and engage the inquisitiveness of students in particular.

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