Electricity and Circuit- Conductors and Insulators

Electricity: Phenomenon of flow of electric current is termed as electricity.

Electric cell: Electric cell is a device which provides electricity to a circuit. It has two terminals: one positive and the other negative.

electric cell

Electric Bulb: Electric bulb is a device that glows when electric current flows through it. An electric bulb has a filament connected to its two terminals.

electricity - electric bulb

Electric current: When a bulb is connected to a battery with the help of wires it glows. The transfer of electricity from battery to a bulb through wires is termed as flow of electric current. Direction of electric current is always taken from positive terminal of battery to the negative terminal of battery.

Electric circuit: A closed network that provides complete path for the current to flow between the two terminals of an electric cell is termed as an electric circuit.

electricity - electric circuit

Electric switch: A device that gives us the freedom to break and complete the circuit at any moment of time without disrupting the other components of a circuit is known as electric switch. When the switch is pushed “on” our circuit is complete and electric current flows through the entire circuit whereas when it is pushed “off” the circuit breaks and no current flows through the circuit.

Electric circuit: switched off

electic circuit switch off

Electric circuit: switched on

electric circuit switch on

Classification of the materials on the basis of their ability to allow electricity to pass through them:

conductors and insulators

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