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CBSE Class 3 Maths

The CBSE board is one of the well-known educational boards of India. The board was organized to provide the best quality of education to all students in the entire nation. The CBSE board safeguards a trustworthy feature in all respects as it analyses students learning requirements as it, designs each syllabus, textbooks, sample paper, question paper, and other relevant documents for every standard.

CBSE Class 3 Maths books have been specially designed by the subject expects with an aim to help the children to practice and prepare well for their exams. The syllabus of class 3 math includes number sequence up to 1000, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mental arithmetic, length, weight, volume, time, data handling, geometry, etc. These books are mainly framed keeping in mind all the requirements of class 3 students. By referring this books students can grasp all the concepts quickly and easily. They are easily available in PDF format where students can view and download for their practice. The class 3 Mathematics books can be practiced on the regular basis after their school hours to improve the students concentrate towards the subject. Apart from the math questions and exercise, this book also includes some picture puzzles, fill in the blanks and other interesting games related to their topics.

Class 3 Maths Syllabus

  • Where to Look From
  • Fun With Numbers
  • Give and Take
  • Long and Short
  • Shapes and Designs
  • Fun With Give and Take
  • Time Goes On
  • Who is Heavier?
  • How Many Times?
  • Play With Patterns
  • Jugs and Mugs
  • Can We Share?
  • Smart Charts!
  • Rupees and Paise

Chapter 1

Where to Look From

Chapter 2

Fun With Numbers

Chapter 3

Give and Take

Chapter 4

Long and Short

Chapter 5

Shapes and Designs

Chapter 6

Fun With Give and Take

Chapter 7

Time Goes On

Chapter 8

Who is Heavier?

Chapter 9

How Many Times?

Chapter 10

Play With Patterns

Chapter 11

Jugs and Mugs

Chapter 12

Can We Share?

Chapter 13

Smart Charts!

Chapter 14

Rupees and Paise

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