What Is A Lifter?

A lifter is referred to as a device that is used to generate thrust using ionised air and with no moving parts. Ion-propelled aircraft is one such example.

What Is Ion-Propelled Aircraft?

An ion-propelled aircraft is also known as ionocraft which provides lift or thrust in the air without any combustion or moving parts with the help of electrohydrodynamics (EHD). It was explained in a book titled Physico-Mechanical Experiments On Various Subjects by Francis Hauksbee in the year 1709.

What Is Electrohydrodynamics (EHD)?

Electrohydrodynamics is the study of dynamics of electrically charged fluids. It is also known as electro-fluid-dynamics. In this study the behaviour of ionized molecules or particles, their motion and their interactions with electric fileds is studied. The mathematical representation is as follows:



  • F is the resulting force
  • I is the electric current flow of electric
  • d is the air gap
  • k is the ion mobility coefficient of the working fluid in

What Is A Hydraulic Lifter?

A hydraulic lifter is also known as hydraulic tappet or hydraulic valve lifter and is defined as the device used to maintain zero valve clearance in an internal combustion engine.


  • There is no service requirements.
  • It is not expensive in terms of operations.
  • The whole process is operated using hydraulic pressure.


  • The noise production will be more due to oil drain from the lifter.
  • These need more complicated and expensive cylinder head.

How to Make a Lifter?

How to Make a Lifter

Things Needed

  • Card for Indexing
  • Glue
  • ¾- inch round table (1.87- cm)
  • Scissors

How to Make

  1. Try to cut a strip from the index card which would be wider by one third and longer by the same size than the to be lifted object. For instance, a lifter of ¼ inch width and 1-inch length lifter would be necessary for a ¾ round label. Please note that there is no need for the strip size to be accurate.
  2. Try folding the strip of paper in the style of an accordion resulting in the shape of the alphabet letter N. This is the lifter you intended to create.
  3. Rub a dot of glue on one side of the lifter and attach the end with the glue cover against the backside of the diagram where we the image would be placed for raising.
  4. Let the glue to settle and then attach the label on the other part of the lifter of paper. If the object intended to be attached does not possess a label with a sticky side, try using glue to secure it at the lifter end.

The above working model would have shown you as to how we could make a lifter of paper with easily available materials in our households like scissors and glue. Such working models would be helpful in engaging the interest of students to a level where they would opt for science as their favorite subject from claim it to a boring one.

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In a thermodynamical process, pressure of a fixed mass of gas is changed in such a manner that the gas releases 20 J of heat and 8 J of work is done on the gas. If internal energy of the gas was 30 J, then the final internal energy will be