How Is CBSE Board Checking Done?

Students need to properly understand how CBSE board checking is done to present the solutions in the best possible way and get excellent marks in the exam.

CBSE Board Answer Checking Process

A detailed answer-checking process is given here to help the students understand the process and answer the questions accordingly.

Answers Presentation

Students who present the answers clearly, neatly and precisely (often in points) always have an increased chance of getting more marks on the papers.

Step Marks

CBSE awards marks for every step, i.e., a particular student can still get some marks even if he/ she could not arrive at the exact answer.

Word Limits

CBSE is strict with the word limits, i.e., a student might be penalised for exceeding or preceding the given word limit of the particular questions.

The only thing the students need to do is present the answers accurately in proper steps and avoid unnecessary and irrelevant points in their answer papers.

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