Human Health And Disease Class 12 Notes


The state of being free from illness and mental physical and social well beings is called health.

Our health gets affected by:-

  1. Genetic Disorders
  2. Infection From microbes or other organisms
  3. Lifestyle – It includes our food and water we take, exercises and rest we give.

To maintain a good a health one must take balanced diet should maintain personal hygiene along with regular exercise. Everyone should be aware of the diseases and their effects.

Proper disposal of waste is very much important for maintaining a good health.

Diseases are broadly divided into two groups infectious and non-infectious.

Infectious – Infectious diseases are also known as a contagious disease because these diseases can be easily transmitted from one person to another. Example: Common Cold, Tuberculosis etc.

Non – Infectious Disease: Diseases which cannot be transmitted from one person to another are called non-infectious disease.

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Health and Diseases

Important Questions for Class 12 – Human Health and Disease



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