Biodiversity and Conservation Class 12 Notes

CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter 15 Notes : Biodiversity and Conservation

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What is Biodiversity?
Types of Biodiversity
Factors affecting the Biodiversity
Conservation of Biodiversity
Important Questions

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity can be defined as the sum of genes, species, and ecosystems that exists at all levels of biological organization.The term Biodiversity was coined by an American sociobiologist Edward Wilson. There are more than 1.5 million species that have been recorded in the world and around 5 to 6 million species on earth waiting to be discovered.

Types of Biodiversity

There are different types of biodiversity and are based on the level of variations including:

  • Genetic diversity
  • Species diversity
  • Ecological diversity

Factors affecting the Biodiversity

The list of factors involved in the loss of biodiversity are:

  • Co-extinction
  • Over-exploitation
  • Invasion of Alien species
  • Habitat loss and fragmentation

Conservation of Biodiversity

There are two basic methodologies for the conservation of biodiversity.

  • In situ conservation

It includes the conservation and protection of a wide variety of plants and animals species in its natural habitat. In situ conservation includes biosphere reserves, hot spots regions, national parks and sanctuaries, wild forests, etc.

  • Ex situ conservation

It includes the conservation and protection of rare species of plants and animals outside of their habitat. Ex situ conservation includes national parks, zoological parks, botanical gardens, glass house, etc. In this type of conservations, different biotechnology applications and other techniques are used for storing sperms, eggs, animal cells, tissues and embryos for a longer period. Different species of Plants are propagated using different tissue culture methods.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter 15 Few Important Questions

  • What is an ecosystem?
  • What are sacred groves?
  • How do we conserve Biodiversity?
  • What is biodiversity?List out the important components of biodiversity?

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