Reproductive Health Class 12 Notes

What is Reproductive Health?

Reproductive Health is generally defined as healthy, well-being and proper functioning of reproductive organs in all aspects of reproduction.

India was the first country in the world to initiate action plans and programmes called family planning to attain total reproductive health as a social goal. It was introduced at a national level in the year 1951 to create awareness among people about various reproduction related aspects and by providing facilities and support for building up a reproductively healthy society.

To make this programmes more successful both the governmental and non-governmental agencies have taken various steps to create awareness among the citizens about reproduction-related aspects and it includes:

  • Awareness about family planning.
  • Introduction of Sex education in schools.
  • All printed materials were all distributed to provide awareness.
  • Using Audio and Video on Powerpoint Slides on Reproductive Health.
  • A complete information about the reproductive organs, adolescence, safe and hygienic sexual practices, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control methods, care of mother and newborn child, etc.

Importance of Reproductive Health

  • Reproductive Health conveys the complete awareness about various sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Provides an accurate information about sexual life, reproduction, contraception methods.
  • Helps in maintaining a safe sexual and reproductive health.
  • With this awareness, an individual can protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
  • It provides a complete education to all pregnant mothers about how to take care of their health, to have proper medicines, to maintain good health and hygiene when they are pregnant, have a safe delivery and deliver a healthy baby.

Few Important Questions

  • What are the components of Reproductive Health?
  • List out the importance of Reproductive Health?
  • What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Learn more about reproduction, reproductive system and reproductive health from the topics given below:

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