Six CBSE Mandatory Subjects

CBSE Board exam for Class X would be having six subjects to study for students instead of five from next year as the board has remodeled its assessment scheme. Presently the Xth standard students have five subjects to study viz.  Mathematics, social science, two languages, and science.  There are choices available for students to pursue a vocational subject as an additional course. The vocational subject would be compulsory form the next academic year onwards.

 The remodeling of assessment scheme by the board is based on the vocational course is done as per the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). As per a CBSE circular, the vocational subject would help would replace one of the three elective subjects (social science, science, and mathematics) if a candidate fails in one of them.  If a candidate wishes to rewrite the failed subject, he/she could do it in a compartment exam.

For the sixth subject, students would have 13 ones to choose from viz. Introduction to Financial Market, Food Production, Basic Agriculture, Banking and Insurance, Dynamics of Retailing, Marketing and Sales, Introduction to Tourism, Automobile Technology, Front Office Operations, Information Technology, Beauty and Wellness, and Health Care Services.

As per the circular, the maximum marks would be 100 out of which 50 marks would be allotted for board exams and 50 per cent would be for internal assessment. To pass any subject, a minimum 33 per cent marks has to be scored by every candidate


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