Create Your Own Quicksand

Create your own Quicksand

In this post we will try to demonstrate how to make quicksand in an easy way on a harmless scale. The resulting product of this project will yield us a demonstration of quicksand that will be appreciated by friends and teachers alike.

Things you will need:

  • Spoon
  • Water – Half Cup
  • Corn flour – Around 1 cup
  • Plastic Container – Large

How to do it:

  • The water and corn flour should be mixed perfectly to a thick consistency. The container should be used for the mixing and storage of the mixture.
  • When demonstrating to your friends and teachers stir the mixture slowly and drip it down the spoon to show the liquid consistency of quicksand.
  • When one stirs the mixture fast, it solidifies as it is a non- Newtonian fluid. Same happens when any type of force is applied on the liquid.
  • Take the mixture and try to roll it into a ball. You will notice that till you apply a pressure on the substance it retains its shape and as soon as you’ll stop that its consistency will revert back to liquid.

What happens?

The absorption and dissipation of energy takes place in an easier manner in Non- Newtonian fluids. This property can be proved by stuffing an uncooked egg in a packet filled with corn flour. Be sure that the egg is surrounded by the mixture and then drop it from a height. A Newtonian fluid, for instance, water would not protect the egg whereas a Non- Newtonian fluid under impact solidifies and thus protects the egg. Be extremely careful when dealing with corn flour mixture as it is very messy and solidifies easily. The rigidity in a Non- Newtonian liquid occurs as the molecules of corn flour are mixed up and can’t slide over each other.


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