Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Notes - Chapter 3

CBSE Class 9 Maths Coordinate Geometry Notes:-Download PDF Here

Coordinate Geometry for class 9 notes is given here. Get the complete concept of coordinate geometry such as cartesian system, coordinate points, how to plot the points in the coordinate axes, quadrants with signs and so on. Go through the below article to learn coordinate geometry for class 9.

Cartesian System

Cartesian plane & Coordinate Axes

Cartesian Plane: A cartesian plane is defined by two perpendicular number lines, A horizontal line(xaxis)  and a vertical line (yaxis).

These lines are called coordinate axes. The Cartesian plane extends infinitely in all directions.

Origin: The coordinate axes intersect each other at right angles, The point of intersection of these two axes is called Origin.

To know more about Cartesian System, visit here.


The cartesian plane is divided into four equal parts, called quadrants. These are named in the order as I, II, III and IV starting with the upper right and going around in anticlockwise direction.

Coordinate Geometry class 9-1

Points in different Quadrants.

Signs of coordinates of points in different quadrants:

I Quadrant: ‘+’ x – coordinate and ‘+’ y – coordinate. E.g. (2, 3)

II Quadrant: ‘-’ x – coordinate and ‘+’ y – coordinate. E.g. (-1, 4)

III Quadrant: ‘-’ x – coordinate and ‘-’ y – coordinate. E.g. (-3, -5)

IV Quadrant: ‘+’ x – coordinate and ‘-’ y – coordinate. E.g. (6, -1)

To know more about Quadrants, visit here.

Plotting on a Graph

Representation of a point on the Cartesian plane

Using the co-ordinate axes, we can describe any point in the plane using an ordered pair of numbers. A point A is represented by an ordered pair (xy) where x is the abscissa and y is the ordinate of the point.

Coordinate Geometry class 9-2

Position of a point in a plane

To know more about Cartesian plane, visit here.

Plotting a point

The coordinate points will define the location in the cartesian plane. The first point (x) in the coordinates represents the horizontal axis, and the second point in the coordinates (y) represents the vertical axis.
Consider an example, Point (3, 2) is 3 units away from the positive y-axis and 2 units away from the positive x-axis. Therefore, point (3, 2) can be plotted, as shown below. Similarly, (-2, 3), (-1, -2) and (2, -3) are plotted.

Coordinate Geometry class 9-3

Plotting a point in the plane

Quiz on Coordinate Geometry Class 9


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