Polynomial Class 9 Notes - Chapter 2

Polynomial comes from the word “poly” which means “many” and the word “nomial” which means “term”. In maths, a polynomial expression consists of variables which are also known as indeterminates and coefficients. The coefficients involve the operations of subtraction, addition, non-negative integer exponents of variables and multiplication. A detailed polynomial Class 9 notes are provided here along with some important questions so that students can understand the concept in an easy manner.


Polynomials are expressions with one or more terms with a non-zero coefficient. A polynomial can have more than one number of terms.

Example of polynomials:


x + y

7a + b + 8

w + x + y + z

Polynomials in One Variable

Polynomials in one variable are the expressions which consist of only one type of variable in the entire expression.

Example of polynomials in one variable:


2×2 + 5x + 15

Key points in polynomial

Some important points in Class 9 Chapter 2 Polynomials are given below:

  • A term is either a variable or a single number or it can be a combination of variable and numbers.
  • The degree of the polynomial is the highest power of the variable in a polynomial.
  • A polynomial of degree 1 is called as a linear polynomial.
  • A polynomial of degree 2 is called a quadratic polynomial.
  • A polynomial of degree 3 is called a cubic polynomial.
  • A polynomial of 1 term is called a monomial.
  • A polynomial of 2 terms is called binomial.
  • A polynomial of 3 terms is called a trinomial.

Important Questions

  1. Find value of polynomial 2×2 + 5x + 1 at x = 3.
  2. Check whether at x = -1/6 is zero of the polynomial p(a) = 6a + 1.
  3. Divide 3a2 + x – 1 by a + 1.
  4. Find value of k, if (a – 1) is factor of p(a) = ka2 – 3a + k.
  5. Factorise each of the following:
    • 4x2 + 9y2 + 16z2 + 12xy – 24yx – 16xz
    • 2x2 + y2 + 8z2 – 2√2xy + 4√2yz – 8xz

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