RD Sharma Solutions Class 9 Factorization Of Polynomials

RD Sharma Solutions Class 9 Chapter 6

RD Sharma class 9 maths solutions for chapter 6 is provided here. The chapter deals with factorisation of polynomials. Besides, the chapter 6 solutions given here have been structured in the best way to make maths easy and also simplify chapter 6 math problems. The solutions consists of solved examples for better understanding of the concepts.

What is Polynomial factorization?

Before we get into the exercises, lets us also first understand what is polynomial factorization? While it is one of the most important topics in Class 9 Maths, polynomial factorization or factorization of polynomials is the process of expressing polynomial with coefficients with coefficients in the integers as the product of irreducible factors with coefficients in the same domain. Conceptually, we can think of simple polynomial factorization as being the opposite of multiplying things out.

Check the detailed RD Sharma solutions for class 9 for Chapter 6: Factorisation of Polynomials below. The RD Sharma class 9 solutions are given exercise-wise in the below table. These RD Sharma Solutions are comprehensive and easy to understand.


Class 9


Chapter 6


Factorisation of Polynomials



RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Solutions –  Chapter 6

Find detailed RD Sharma solutions for class 9 maths chapter 6 – factorisation of polynomials below. Several math exercises are also given in the following table.

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