RD Sharma Solutions Class 9 Exponents Of Real Numbers

RD Sharma Solutions Class 9 Chapter 2

RD Sharma class 9 maths solutions chapter 2 is available here. The chapter exponents of real numbers deals topics like representing real numbers on the number line, operations on real numbers and laws of exponents for real numbers. The class 9 maths solutions also contains important questions and exercises that are asked during exams. Throughout this solved examples, we will be working with real numbers. So it is desirable to define powers of real numbers. The powers of real numbers are defined in the same way as powers of rational numbers and the same laws of indices (exponents). anis called the nth power of a. The real number a is called the base and n is called the exponent or index of the nth power of a. So here with the solutions, get a clear idea of the different laws of integral exponents by looking at the examples which are solved in a step-by-step manner.

Further, with the RD Sharma exercises students can understand the meaning of principal nth root of a real number. They will also learn to apply the laws of rational exponents in the solved examples given below. Learn these concepts easily by practicing the questions from the exercises given in RD Sharma solution for the chapter “Exponents of Real Numbers”.


Class 9


Chapter 2


Exponents of Real Numbers



RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Solutions – Chapter 2

Find detailed RD Sharma solutions for class 9 maths chapter 2 – exponents of real numbers below. Several math exercises are also given in the following table.

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