Class 10 Board Exam Preparation Tips


The Class 10 Board Examination plays is the foundation for our future career and plays a significant role in shaping one’s career path of their future. Hence, it is required to concentrate, study hard, and focus to score well in this career-determining exam so that you can admission in the college you desire and your dream job.

Though, you know the syllabus and have revised the chapters many times but when it comes to exam you don’t feel optimistic and this is the case with most of the students who are taking class 10 boards exam..

So, it is advised to all tenth grader to make some time and to analyze the root cause for this negative feeling and get rid of it before you sit for the board exam. Here’s some reasons that were shared by students why they lose their confidence even when they were prepared very well:

  • When there is a discussion about questions with your peers and you are not convinced with their answer
  • When you feel that you can solve the problem but you are unable to do it
  • When there is a discussion in the class on a topic which you know very well and you come to know that there are much more points to add to it

These are just a few basic problems which students face and lose their confidence gradually on the eve of the exam. But, the actual problem is that though they have acquired the knowledge they miss out the utilization of the acquired knowledge to their benefit and this may be due to the lack of in-depth understanding of the concept.

To boost the confidence of the tenth graders and make them face the Class 10 board exam, here are few tips and tricks that will help them to score good in the exam:

  • You may be well acquainted with the syllabus but know the important chapters from which questions are frequently asked
  • Read to understand the concept and through that you will gain utmost knowledge
  • Practice class 10 previous question papers and know the pattern as it will give you an idea about which subject to be given importance and to practise on the right kind of questions
  • Refer the right books, there are two resources to refer and they are NCERT textbooks that are in a very structured way and the other is online resource that offers solution to all the requisites that are important for your studies as the NCERT questions are not comprehensive and exploring and moreover it would be difficult to ask someone every time to evaluate your answers. Furthermore, the chief benefit of online is that tests available are based on NCERT Books and in detail
  • Additionally, the online tests are designed in such a way that its gives an in-depth analysis of your preparation in which the student will come to know where they lag behind and can improve in that area

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Practise This Question

The range of the function f(x) = sin [x], π4xπ4 where [x] denotes the greatest integer, is