Redox Reaction Class 11 Notes

Redox reaction is the combination reaction of both oxidation and reduction i.e. in a redox reaction both oxidation and reduction reactions occur simultaneously. One of most common examples of the redox reaction is seen in electrochemical cells where electrons flow from one chemical substance to another by the process of oxidation-reduction reaction.

The chapter is considered as one of the most important chapters in class 11 and students need to be well acquainted with all the basics to be able to understand all the related topics in class 11 chemistry syllabus.

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Practise This Question

Match the following

1.PCl3     a. 2 lone pairs     A. 5 Ligands

2.ClF3     b. 3 lone pairs      B. 3 Ligands

3.XeF6    c. 0 lone pairs      C. 6 Ligands

4.SbCl5   d. 1 lone pairs      D. 4 Ligands