Biological Classification Class 11 Notes - Chapter 2

When we study biological classification, it is nothing but the scientific procedure of classifying organisms in a series of groups and sub-groups based on their similarities and dissimilarities. However, the main aim of biological classification is to place the vast number of animals and plants into categories that can be easily named, remembered and further studied. Thus in class 11 students study this topic in chapter 2 biology textbook. Here they will learn about topics like Kingdoms Monera, protista and fungi of the Whittaker system of classification.

To help students grasp all the concepts clearly and at the same time study effectively we are providing biological classification class 11 notes which will give them a complete overview of the entire chapter. Students will also get to know the important points and remember them for a longer period of time. These CBSE notes will further allow students to complete their revisions before the exams and be well prepared to tackle any question. Students can visit the links given below to learn about the important topics mentioned in this chapter.

In addition to this students can also get biology class 11 CBSE sample papers, previous year question papers and mocks tests to prepare for the main exam. Check them out below;

Biological Classification Class 11 Notes – Questions

  1. Name the five kingdoms proposed by R.H. Whittaker
  2. List the prominent characteristics of Eubacteria
  3. List the economic uses of archaebacteria
  4. How is red tides signified with algal bloom?
  5. What are viroids?
  6. What are saprophytes?
  7. What is plasmogamy?
  8. What is meant by karyogamy?
  9. Explain the phenomenon of alternation of generation.
  10. Write a short note on diatoms.

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