Biology Projects for Class 12

Biology Projects for Class 12

The study of biology projects is very much important in order to understand various kinds of biological processes that occur within animals and even humans. Scientists make a clean study of nature and its contents( living or non-living) in order to learn the ways of improving animal health for the purpose of farm production, human companionship and also wildlife preservation. They even study animal life in order to discover various new methods to improve human health.

Animal studies provide a better understanding of disease development and also its prevention, along with the standards for knowing normal and abnormal behaviour. These project ideas introduce us to the areas of animal studies, which are explored through the process of experimentation. Scientific experiments consist of a number of steps that are followed by scientific investigators in order to answer questions about the natural world. It also involves making an observation, formulating a hypothesis, and conducting scientific experiments too. The scientific inquiry begins with the observation that is followed by formulating a question as to what is observed.

Here are some great ideas for Biology Projects for Class 12, which are related to plants, animals, and the human body.

Plant Cell

Plants are a very important part of various life forms on the earth. Did you know that even these plants suffer from various effects such as salt concentration, etc?


Algaes are known to be different organisms which exist in different forms as red-green algae, blue-green algae, etc. But have you ever heard that an alga can produce fuel?


Proteins are the important elements that constitute the human body. They are also obtained from various sources of food. But did you know that even proteins die?

Hemoglobin Test

Blood is one of the important constituents of human life. Did you know how the decrease in the level of atmospheric oxygen affects the production of hemoglobin in humans as well as animals?

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