NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Biology Chapter 11

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Biology Chapter 11 PDF Free Download


NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 11- Biotechnology Principles and Processes is one of the best study materials for students to have a thorough knowledge of the Biotechnology and its Principles. As per the previous year question paper, Biotechnology Principles and Processes is one of the most important topics for CBSE class 12 Biology board exam. Therefore, students are advised to practice all the concepts from this topic. Students can find solutions for all the questions provided in their class 12 Biology textbook. For more details, students can check for the solution in the below-given pdf files.

biotechnology principles and processes class 12 NCERT solutions pdf provides you answers to textbook questions, biotechnology principles and processes class 12 important questions, exemplary questions, worksheets and exercises to take your chapter 11 biology class 12 notes.

Class 12 BiologyNCERT Solutions for Biotechnology Principles and Processes

Biotechnology is the branch of life science involved in the study of living systems and involved in the production and development of different products to improve the quality of human life. There are various applications of Biotechnology in different fields such as in Pharmaceutical industries, food industries, agricultural industries, waste Management, sewage treatment plant, and also in different environment sectors. Among many techniques, modern biotechnology is the result of the following two core techniques.
They are-

  • Genetic engineering – It is the technique mainly used to change or to modify the genetic material (DNA/RNA), and to introduce them into other organisms.

  • Manufacturing of Antibiotics, Drugs and other Vaccines – It is adequate maintenance of sterile conditions mainly used to support the growth and development of only the preferred group of microbes’ cells in great quantities for the production of biotechnological products like vaccines, antibiotics, enzymes, etc.

Concepts involved in Chapter 11- Biotechnology Principles and Processes

  1. Principles of Biotechnology
  2. Tools of Recombinant DNA Technology
  3. Processes of Recombinant DNA Technology.

Class 12 Biology NCERT Solutions Biotechnology Principles and Processes Important Questions


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