NCERT class 4 maths chapter 11 Tables and Shares

NCERT class 4 maths chapter 11 Tables and Shares, solutions are provided here for students so that they would be able to solve all types of questions asked in the examination from this chapter. The solutions consist of a question bank which is designed, keeping in mind the CBSE syllabus(2018-2019), by experts.

The exercise questions present in chapter 11 of the Maths class 4 NCERT book, are the pattern of the questions asked in the final exam. Student’s should try to solve last year question papers along with solutions to score good marks.

Class 4 Maths NCERT Solutions For Chapter 11

NCERT class 4 maths chapter 11– Tables and Shares,  helps students in solving problems related tables, rows and columns. BYJU’S app offers a platform for students with all the study materials along with chapter wise solutions for class 4 maths subject. Study the concepts at your pace and practice to perfection by referring these available materials in PDF. You can also prepare with the help of maths class 4 worksheets, to solve more types of problems. 

Here is a sample of class 4 NCERT maths solutions of chapter 11:

Q1. Solve the following:

>Distribute 75 oranges in 3 baskets. How many oranges will be there in each basket?

Tina made 204 chocolates and she makes packets of 6 to sell in the market. How many packets does Tina make? Also, if she packs them in packets of 12, then how many packets will she make?

Q2. Answer the following:

Rahim has kept chicken in the refrigerator. And he opened the refrigerator to count and counted 18 legs. Therefore how many chickens does he have?

These are a few sample questions from class 4th Maths chapter 11. If you willing to solve more such sample questions view the solutions below.










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