NCERT Class 4 Maths Chapter 8 Carts and Wheels

NCERT Class 4 Maths Chapter 8 Carts and Wheels, solutions are provided here for students who are preparing for their final exams. These solutions consist of a question bank which will help students to understand each and every concept explained in the chapter. The solved questions are designed by our experts and with respect to CBSE syllabus(2018-2019) prescribed for class 4.

The question paper for the final exam is prepared according to the exercise questions present in chapter 8 of the 4th class Maths NCERT book. Therefore, we have tried to provide solutions for all the types of questions which can be asked from this chapter, so that students could score well.

Class 4 Maths NCERT Solutions for Chapter 8

NCERT class 4 maths chapter 8 comprises of questions related to everyday life situations. With questions related to the visit to the bangle shop and musical chair, this interesting chapter brings along a series of questions which will help you have a general idea around things. Solve worksheets of class 4, to study well for exams.

The Class 4 Maths EVS Chapter 8 – Carts and Wheels contains example such as-

  • Measure the radius of the wheel of a bullock cart
  • How to make a circle using a compass

The above were a few sample questions from the chapter. If you wish to know more, view the solutions below for each concept.






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